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That Which Remains - Hurricane Sandy Aftermath 
A documentary that presents the aftermath and the emotional cost of Hurricane Sandy by detailing the individual struggles of a couple, residents of Long Beach, NY. Noemi and Victor were one of many other residents of Long Beach, who stayed in their homes when Sandy's storm surge hit New York on October 29, 2012. The couple's blind dog, Sandy, was adopted after surviving Hurricane Katrina.
Incarcerated Mothers 
Like over two million other children in the United States, six-year-old Keara has a parent in prison. Her mother was sentenced to four years and 11 months in the Ohio Reformatory for Women for non-violent drug offenses. Keara and her younger brother, Keo, live with their grandparents in Nelsonville, Ohio.
Born Addicts 
In the United States, the number of women abusing prescription pain medications and become opioid drug addicted is growing. More and more mothers are using drugs while pregnant. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in the United States, the estimated number of drug-exposed infants born each year ranges from 100,000 to 375,000
The hunt for a good job in the midst of the worst recession in a quarter century is difficult. But when an ex-convict comes looking for work, securing a steady, permanent job is almost impossible, especially if you are a woman.
A documentary that details the individual struggles of five Appalachian women during a period in their recovery from substance abuse and domestic violence. Most of them are mothers who have lost custody of their children. All five women graduated from the Rural Women's Recovery Program in Athens, OH.
Patricia, 27, of Mansfield, Ohio, has been moving between rehabilitation treatment programs, courtrooms and jails. Could Patrcia's love to her daughter help her to get out of the chaos she lives in?
Freedom Hall 
Deanna, 33, of Newark, Ohio, has been coping as a substance abuser with her third rehabilitation treatment program, no longer lost and alone, but saved. God becomes her light on the road to recovery. Freedom Hall is a faith-based rehabilitation center for men and women with alcohol and/or drug dependency, founded by Angie Pelphrey in 2005 in Piketon, Ohio.
Boys Behind Bars 
The Juvenile Detention Center, in the city of Boichinovtsi, Bulgaria is the only juvenile correctional facility for boys in the country. It is located in Northwestern Bulgaria, close to the city of Montana. As of August 4, 2008, the Center was home to 75 juveniles between the ages of 14 and 21, all of whom have committed crimes. About 50% are from the Roma ethnic minority, 30% are of Turkish ethnic origin, and 20% are Bulgarians.
The White Brotherhood 
The Universal White Brotherhood is a religious movement founded in Bulgaria in the early XXth century by Peter Deunov. The group proposes a Christian esoterism characterized by prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga of nutrition and paneurhythmy. Thousands of followers of Peter Deunov from Bulgaria and abroad celebrate on August 19, 2008, the biggest annual holiday for the White Brotherhood- the first day of the new divine year in the Seven Lakes region of Rila Mountain in Bulgaria.
Halfway Freedom 
A boy, in his 16th year, slowly walks on the boardwalk around the river in Pomeroy, Ohio. "In my life there's been heartache and pain…", Gregory sings. A few of his friends are around him and listen to him singing. The sky is royal blue and the sun is about to set. Pomeroy, as many other rural areas in Ohio, is a hopeless place for any teenager to be growing up in, due to the limited opportunities of finding a job and having a future different than the cycle of drug abuse. Gregory and his friends are some of the few children in this town who are not trapped in this cycle. However, they are homosexuals and carry their own cross in a rural city such as Pomeroy.
No More 
In a darkened room in Nelsonville, Ohio, a 43-year-old woman listens to Joel Austin's CD "Becoming a better you" - "Maybe you weren’t the person who made the bad choices. But somebody else’s foolish decisions caused you to experience wrenching heartache and pain…"
Existence of Dismissal 
Existence of Dismissal presents the surgical and counseling work being done at Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, and its branch facilities throughout Ethiopia, in an effort to capture the internal and psychological injuries many women sustained while giving birth. In Ethiopia alone, about 9,000 women develop fistula each year.

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