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Neverland details the individual struggles of five Appalachian women during a period of their recovery from substance abuse and domestic violence. All five of the women graduated from the Rural Women’s Recovery Program in Athens, Ohio.
Existence of Dismissal 
Addis Ababa Fisula Hospital is founded by two gynecologists from Australia in 1974 - Dr. Catherine Hamlin and her husband - Dr. Reginald Hamlin. The patients of the hospital are women with childbirth injuries. The injured women suffer in silence for years. "There will still be fistulas for many decades, long after I've gone. These fistula victims cannot afford to pay for their surgeries. We need money set aside for them so that no woman will ever be turned away." - Dr. Catherine Hamlin. To donate now, you can visit their website and learn more click here.
Children of Addicted Mothers 
This essay presents the consequences of addictions and provides coverage of addicted mothers and their children.
Boys Behind Bars 
The Juvenile Detention Center, in the city of Boichinovtsi, Bulgaria is the only juvenile correctional facility for boys in the country. It is located in Northwestern Bulgaria, close to the city of Montana. As of August 4, 2008, the Center was home to 75 juveniles between the ages of 14 and 21, all of whom have committed crimes. About 50% are from the Roma ethnic minority, 30% are of Turkish ethnic origin, and 20% are Bulgarians.
Serving Up a Second Chance 
Pam Wilson, 43, Pizza Hut manager and mother of three, helps others after pulling her own troubled life together. She hires people she believes deserve a second chance after establishing a "second-chance policy" with the approval of her boss. She hires former prisoners, single moms, alcoholics and other drug-addicted people who are willing to change their lives as she did.
Camilla the Hun  
Camille Morin, 32, a ceramics artist, transforms herself into DC Roller Girl Jammer of the DC DemonCats. She thinks of skating as her “other job.”  “The pottery is kind of like the original me who I really am inside. I’m a quieter person than the public figure who has to go out there and kick ass.”
Loosing Her Religion 
Ricki Lindsey, 21, was born a male - Richard Jonathan Lindsey.  She has identified as a woman publicly for 3 months. She takes a female name and begins dressing and living as a girl. The daughter of a single mother and an abusive father, she has always recognized femininity as her true source of strength.
A Day with the Blanks 
Lancaster County is home to America's oldest Amish settlement, where thousands still live a centuries-old "simple" lifestyle. Restricting access to electricity, televisions, radios and phones enables the Amish to keep the modern world from intruding into their home life. John and Anna Mae Blank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania , have 6 children- Linda Rose, 13, Ivan Lee, 11, Sara Lynn, 8, Steven James, 5, John Michael, 3, and Mervin Andrew, 2. They are all growing up in a house immersed in a lifestyle of peace and non-violence.
Transgender Pageant 
On Sunday, May 18, 2008, at The Bachelors Mill, Transgender Health Empowerment (T.H.E.), a non-profit organization committed to providing services to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities in the Washington, D.C. area, presented its second annual "Mr. / Miss Transgender Health Empowerment Pageant". The organization?s goal is to strengthen ties within the GLBT communities by providing information about the risks associated with unsafe behaviors that can lead to the contraction of HIV/AIDS.

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